NOTE: This version is in active development.


  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • Laravel 5.4.x



  • Preferred a fresh install of laravel 5.4 application.
  • Make sure to set all your database connection first.
  • Make sure to set correct "url" on config/app.php
  • STEP 1:

    composer require darryldecode/laravelbackend:~3.0
  • STEP 2:

    add this lines in config/app.php on providers array:


    add this lines in config/app.php on aliases array:

    'Form' => Illuminate\Html\FormFacade::class,
    'Html' => Illuminate\Html\HtmlFacade::class,
  • STEP 3:

    NOTE: Delete all default migration first bundled with your laravel installation. Backend package has its own full-blown user component. After you have deleted it, do this on your command line:
    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Darryldecode\Backend\BackendServiceProvider"

    Then do:

    composer dump-autoload
  • STEP 4:

    On your terminal, do:

    php artisan migrate
    php artisan db:seed --class=BackendSeeder
    NOTE: If you encounter this kind of error while doing 'php artisan migrate'. (this is because of Laravel using newer versions of MySQL features): Open AppServiceProvider found in 'app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php' and in boot() method add:
  • STEP 5:

    on config/auth.php (changed your users model to:)

    'providers' => [
        'users' => [
        'driver' => 'eloquent',
        'model' => Darryldecode\Backend\Components\User\Models\User::class, // <---- change to this

    on config/auth.php (changed your passwords.users.email value to: "backend.auth.email-link")

    'passwords' => [
        'users' => [
            'provider' => 'users',
            'email' => 'backend.auth.email-link', // <---- change to this
            'table' => 'password_resets',
            'expire' => 60,

    on app/Console/Kernel.php (add this on the $commands property array, this will enable package's built in consoles)


    on app/Http/Kernel.php (add this on the $routeMiddleware property array, this will add package's built in middlewares)

    'backend.guest' => \Darryldecode\Backend\Base\Middleware\RedirectIfAuthenticated::class,
    'backend.authenticated' => \Darryldecode\Backend\Base\Middleware\Authenticate::class,

    Do not forget to check your storage "symbolic link". Laravel 5.4 provides more secure public storage technique. For more info about this, see this link: https://laravel.com/docs/5.4/filesystem#the-public-disk

  • CONRGATULATIONS! Your instant laravel 5.1 backend is ready!

    You can now login to your backend installation:


    • User: admin@gmail.com
    • Pass: admin
    Please change your credentials. You can also change your backend url on config.


More documentation coming soon or you may help us improve the docs by making pull request here: https://github.com/darryldecode/laravelbackend-site